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Patio & Dining
Ready to seat you starting Friday, May 21

A little bit About Us

Rice n Roll bistro is now officially in Wauwatosa neighborhood known as
‘KIN’, a second restaurant project and a pride of Rice n Roll Bistro family.

In the literal translation, KIN is a common word pronounced as it is meaning EATING in Thai; FAMILY RELATIONSHIP in English; and GOLD in Japanese. KIN is a small, family-run restaurant operated by Rice n Roll family members who are passionate in homemade cook, fresh, tasty and fun. We are eager to create varieties of Asian food and sushi which are served up modernize look and authentic taste from across Asia, especially Thailand and Japan.

Chef JJ is continually creating his beloved Thai cuisine, experiencing from his way back home food he grew up with and together with the inspiration of Asian food all over the places. With his nature of liking in exploring and learning overtime of this cooking path, he has integrated his experience and innovation of Thai, Asian and Western cuisine into each dish at ‘KIN’. Chef Tony is representing a new generation of sushi chefs who has challenged the traditional way of sushi crafting with his talent and effort.

The vibrant dishes highlighting fresh and exotic ingredients from the sushi
bar is prepared at ‘KIN’. His relentless attention to detail combined with his
evolving experiences are his weapon.

Both JJ and Tony never established themselves as masters in cooking as their passion are to always look for food inspiration and endless possibilities. They believe in selecting seasonal ingredients of local sources to represent their own qualities together with introducing their own cooking styles.

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